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  • Alia Metcalf

    Alia Metcalf

    Alia Metcalf aka ALIA is an Electronic Music Producer, Founder of Femvolution™, and Women’s Coach writing on self-expression. www.aliafrequency.com

  • Abbey


    I’m a food scientist by PhD, a science writer, and a YouTuber. I’m fascinated by food science and enjoy writing and sharing what I’ve learn

  • Alexander Joseph Taylor

    Alexander Joseph Taylor

  • IndieBio SF

    IndieBio SF

  • Melissa McCart

    Melissa McCart

    Editor of Heated with Mark Bittman on Medium. Dog mom. Pho fan. Send me your pitches: melissamccart@gmail.com

  • Kayla Lee

    Kayla Lee

    Writer and Business Consultant

  • Bryce Roberts

    Bryce Roberts

    VC, Dad

  • Serena Wu

    Serena Wu

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